Watch the following video to find out why developers work for "free" on open source software:

Oliver Widder, The Last Judgement – Part 5, November 7, 2009, Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivs 2.0 License

Keywords & Questions #4

Some Simple Economics of Open Source Summary


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VoiceThread responses:
page 1: What commercial closed source software programs have you used in your practice? What were/are their advantages and disadvantages? Have you found anything comparable on the Internet?

page 1: How has your use of software changed over your teaching career? Do you see open source applications eventually replacing proprietary software?

page 2: Why do you think educators are slow in adopting open source applications? Or are they? What do you see as the major barriers to implementing open source in the classroom?

page 3: Do you consider Web 2.0 technologies and practices to be ‘open source’? Why or why not? Give specific examples to support your opinion.

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