Economic Foundations - DLG 9 - Culminating Activity

We hope that you have enjoyed this week's Discourse Leadership. As a culminating activity, we would like to put together a video using animoto to summarize the major themes of the economics of educational technology.

Major Themes of this module:

  1. Commercialization of education
  2. Access to digital information (databases, scholarly & educational materials, creative works): IPR, copyleft, Creative Commons licensing, public domain, open access, hijacking, open source curriculum
  3. Access to software: proprietary licensing, open source software
  4. Political, economic, legal implications, technology and rights of access

The task:

Provide an image that represents the economics of educational technology to you. Please upload your image to this page in .jpg format by Saturday, November 14, 2009 at midnight (PST). To do so, click "edit" (top right of this page) and then use the editor that pops up to upload and and insert an image. On Sunday afternoon, please check back on this page to view our collaborative, culminating video. Post a link to the video on your ePortfolio and write a short reflection of your thoughts on "The Economics of Educational Technology". Thank you in advance!

Karen, Camille & Bryan

If you have any difficulties uploading your photo, please leave us a message in the discussion of this page and we will do our best to help you out! ~DLG 9

The Final Product:


mix.jpg[Contributed by Camille Maydonik]

Education_Economic.jpg[Contributed by Omar Ramroop]

mbarrett.jpg[Contributed by Mark Barrett]
mslegalize.jpg[Contributed by Darren Roper]Nureen_Visram.jpg[Contributed by Nureen Visram]

$EdTech.jpg[Contributed by Robyn Young]
[Contributed by Andrew Olson]

(contributed by Yvonne Dawydiak - great activity concept! love the visuals and the humour possible with this)

(contributed by Erica Toombs)

[Contributed by Michelle Chen (Workman)]\

external image moz-screenshot-7.jpg

(Contributed by Ritwa Smith)